Sunday, 9 February 2014

Starting Up and Recent Art

First of all, this blog is fun for me to do (please dont think I have a big ego, because I dont, I just like to do things my own way). I want people to see my art and to critique it. So I made a Facebook page so that people actually see it, cause like who uses blogger any more but random people (like me, and many other artists that Ive seen!) Whats the point of drawing art if people dont see it? I hope that people appreciate this, and that my art brings them joy/happiness/some type of good feeling!

Since I last posted art in August 2013, I havent done much but sketch and other crafts. Throughout October and November I was really into crocheting, so I might post some of the stuff I did during that time. But the main thing that Im getting back into is sketching.

Here is one of the new things I sketched last week:

It was done from a picture of an old house that I found on flickr. I tried to portray the oldness of the house and all the shadows of the branches. I dont know, Im somewhat mixed with how this came out :/ 

Ill be posting more this week hopefully.

Updates! Updates Everywhere!!

This blog has been dead for some time but I would like to revive it!

You can already see some of the visual updates that I have added. I will also be making a Facebook page for people to keep up to date with this blog since many people use Facebook nowadays. I will post a link to the page asap. Please like it to get updates on my art.

I got a good camera last November so I will be also posting better quality pictures of my art! YAY! I apologize for the horrible quality of the past pictures that I used to take with my iPod.

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Past couple of days of sketching

As promised, here are some of the stuff I've been sketching. It's all architecture. I only used an ink pen with some pencil under sketches. The description of each sketch comes after it.

The original picture was from my architecture book. This place is called Il Redentore made in the style of the Italian Renaissance. Pardon that it doesn't look as good of a sketch because I always have a rough start after a period of time of not sketching.

This is just some random architecture in Antwerp. I don't like this sketch because I didn't do an under sketch and it came out sorta unorganized version of the leaning tower of Piza.

More random architecture found on Flickr. I like this one a bit more then the previous one.

This is a sort of cottage by the name of Thornton Hall in High Caniscliffe, England. This actually came out nice in comparison to how it looked throughout the process. :)

This is the Cathedral of Christ the Savior in Moscow, Russia. I attempted to out some shadows on it to make it look more real. In some places they look on, but in some they don't look right. :(
- Nadya

Sunday, 4 August 2013

Summer = Time to Sketch

During the school year I didnt really get to post at all because I have so much homework usually, but I have sketched a bit this summer. Soon I will update this blog with the sketches I did the past few days. Its mostly architecture because I just LOVE sketching architecture. Its easier for me because of most of the clean, straight lines (by comparison to the non geometric lines used in human figures).

Note, yes most of these sketches are from other peoples photos but I do it so I can practice drawing architecture. I wouldnt be able to see so much different architecture from just my living room, so I practice using flickr. :D Such a great resource!

Saturday, 1 September 2012

I'm sick, so I sketch

Hey everyone!
Sorry for not posting recently!!! So I got sick on Wednesday and I have been in bed trying to get better and it's just not fun!!! But I've been sketching, and trying to keep myself from going insane from being sick for the billionth time!!

The previous drawing is of these monkeys that my grandma made for me from polymer clay.

I tried to draw all my necklaces and it just became so tedious because there's too many of them!

Random flowers cause I couldn't think of anything else to draw.

This is a turtle made of seashells. It's got a straw hat!

I was planning on drawing how I was opening the paper clip but my hand got tired and I got lazy to do that so I just held the paper clip.

Some random hair clips.

I've been drinking lots of tea so this is the wrapper from the tea bag.

I decided to start the edm begs. So this is challenge #1.

And this is challenge #2.

- Nadya

Monday, 27 August 2012

Been busy, catching up with old stuff

I'm sorry I've been gone for some time. It was my uncles wedding so everything was very hectic and there was almost no time to post let alone draw!

Some of these sketches are from me sitting on the train sketching random stuff. I generally dont draw people on the train cause I feel like theyll notice, maybe it'll happen in the future.

The next drawing is of two candles my mom took from the wedding. They are shaped like wedding cakes and they are in a really cool box with a nice ribbon so I decided to draw it since I didn't draw anything else wedding related.

- Nadya

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Lanyard and itchiness

So I'm just on this thing I guess of drawing things from my desks at the moment. I drew my robotics lanyard with my flash drive on it, and there's a cute camel attached to it. Awwww!!! Who doesn't love a camel?

Also I'm having some issues with the mosquitos. Let's just say they really don't like me...

- Nadya

Tuesday, 21 August 2012


Got interested into drawing some keychains. So I drew the keychain with the flash drives for robotics that I have to pass onto one of my friends. Then I drew my keys.

- Nadya

Friday, 17 August 2012

Afternoon kitchen sketch

I wanted to take a break from doing my school summer assignment so I decided to go draw the kitchen table. Im visiting my grandparents so it was very hard to get my grandma to leave everything on the table as it is rather then putting everything away as she is known to do. A messy composition is better then a clean one because there's always a story behind how everything got its place.

- Nadya

Morning sketching

Enjoying some time to sketch in the morning is always fun!!

- Nadya